This just in – I forgot to blog this week

I apologize about my lack of posts this week. I was being a News Director.

So, since this is about social media & journalism, here’s one of my favorite news blogs – “This Just In”. This blog is run by CNN ( ) and constantly updated with the news of the day. Some news outlets are adapting online very well. I think CNN is one of them.


The future of journalism…?

I found a ton of articles this week related to reporters having less to write as more and more people and brands turn to social media instead of journalism-driven media like TV, radio and newspapers.

I don’t approve of this. I want to have a job when I graduate but if there aren’t any reporter jobs out there, well, I just wasted $160,000 and four years of my life on a useless degree in journalism. Lovely.

Well, I could always get a job as a singing waitress…

In other news, I got a package in the mail room on Friday. But Friday was a disaster and a half, so I didn’t check. But I will in the morning…BECAUSE IT MIGHT BE MY HAT. *happy dance*

Filtering The Social Web

This article makes a lot of sense. As a reporter, you want to interact with the people you report to (and about!) but the sheer amount of information on social media can be staggering.
Being able to search for relevant things would definitely make gathering “as-it-happens” breaking news updates much easier.


It’s hard to keep a straight face when I just want to smile

So I have to start consistently blogging for my Intro to Social Media class. I’m excited, because this means I can talk about social media and journalism, which makes me happy.

What makes me even more happy is the fact that my internship coordinator will consider me if I want to go back next summer AND they’ll eventually send me a WMUR baseball cap (with a giant 9 on it) and so I’m just waiting for the email that says I have a package and I’ll explode with happy. ^_^