“Addiction”? Hardly.

This article irritates me.

I don’t know if we’re exactly “addicted” or if that “addiction” is a bad thing.

Because the general public is always on social media, as journalists, that’s where everything happens. This is where we reach people and where we learn of things.

Social media’s not bad.


One thought on ““Addiction”? Hardly.

  1. I love social media. However, since I am a strong believer of communication, I believe that you need to communicate in three different ways to hit your audience. I guess it is my way of “wearing them down”. As much as I enjoy social media, I understand that everyone may not be at that level. Sometimes I have to bring it down a notch and remember the goal of the communication. In your case, social media is a must because of the fast pace of what you do. In my case, I need to be much deliberate in my responses in social media depending on my target audience. Overall, I do not see it as an addiction. Instead, it is more of a wave. The use of social media will increase with baby boomers and improve the digital divide (Professor Catrino kinda said something similar last night). Well anyway, I am hooked for now!

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