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Preschool Gems (Book Review)

So I’m a lot behind on this, but I got a copy of the Preschool Gems book ( and it makes me laugh. I love small children in small doses, and things that they say amuse me:

“You have to try until you die, and then someone else will do it for you.”

I really love that they don’t think about what they say and just say things. I mean, I don’t either really, but I would get weird looks if I said something like:

“I mostly like things that are made of bread.”

Overall, I realized that this was not a book I could read if I was doing other things – because if I was supposed to be working and started laughing hysterically (which happened frequently as I read) then people would start asking questions.

But seriously, if you need a pick-me-up, Preschool Gems will definitely help you find it.

“Alright, no more sentences from you today.”