BusU mourns two deaths after house party #cmm457 #finalexam #fiction

A Busemeyer University assistant professor and student have died after a house party gone bad Monday night.

Busville police report three people were found in cardiac arrest in the basement of 1704 Casper Drive. They were taken to Busville Hospital.

A press release from the hospital identifies the deceased as 72-year-old assistant art professor, William Houser and 20-year-old BusU student Bugs Meany. Both died from apparent drug overdoses.

According to University spokesman Jon Smyth, Meany was the president of the Lambda Pi Eta fraternity before its charter was revoked.

Sarah Ashcroft, 44, an associate professor in the philosophy department, is in stable condition and is expected to survive.

Police were originally called to the house for reports of a loud party. The house in question, located at is university-owned and was the former Lambda Pi Eta fraternity house.

Police allegedly discovered drugs and alcohol at the scene.

 85 people were arrested at the party, at least 45 of them students at Busemeyer University. Most have been charged with possession of alcohol by a minor, but Busville Police say that some will face additional drug charges.

Embedded image permalink A photo tweeted by a Bus U student at the party shows police making arrests.

This is not the first time that LPH has been in trouble. According to a press release from Busemeyer University president Stephen Busemeyer, the BU chapter of LPH had their charter revoked last semester for violations of the school’s alcohol and party policy. In a release late Monday night, President Busemeyer said, “The University revoked LPH’s charter last semester for excessive partying in violation of the school code. The new occupants of the house at 1704 Casper Drive promised that they would forbid alcohol and gatherings of more than three people in any one room of the house. Clearly, they failed, and two people are dead because of it. Alcohol is hereby banned at all campus buildings and events. Anyone caught with alcohol will be expelled. Needless to say, anyone caught with drugs will be expelled and fully prosecuted.”

Smyth states that there is a policy in the University handbook stating that students should not interact with their professors outside of school business, and it is not clear yet why the professors were at the party.

Busville Mayor Biff Wellington stated in a press release that both Meany and Houser died of methamphetamine overdoses, and says, “The scourge of methamphetamine in this town must end. I am calling tonight on the city council to authorize the police department to conduct searches of every residence in city limits and smash all meth labs they can find.”


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